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I can’t thank you enough. I never thought I could overcome my fear of spiders – It changed my life.

Mrs  A Lovell.  Hayes

I thought you would like to know that I have been accepted at Guildford University. All your work has enabled me to believe in myself and get back on track. The lack of self confidence is a thing of the past. My mum is so proud of me.

Robert  C. Worcester.

The pain control you have taught me has really made a difference, my arthritis is so much more manageable. Thank you for showing me how. I am beginning to think that I can change other things too, so don’t be surprised when I get in touch.

C Turnham.  Fulham.

I have had the pleasure of several types of interaction with Jeremy. I have received Reiki healing, completed Level 1 Reiki and also experienced his hypnotherapy. In every situation, I felt entirely supported by Jeremy: his knowledge, experience and genuine care helped me to feel more closely connected to who I am and how to make changes.
Jeremy is very grounded in his approach and provided me with the right balance of information and anecdotal evidence to help me to explore the tools available to me. He is warm and open, and without doubt, a positive force to have on side.

Tracey Kay C London

I was extremely skeptical about Reiki until I met Jeremy and had my first session. Even though I resisted giving into the experience, I suddenly felt something huge shifting inside of me, very difficult to describe but extremely healing. Sometimes I have a session and then feel the benefits a few days later and somehow the energy starts to flow and I feel at peace. Jeremy has an incredible energy and a huge heart. Perfect combination. I couldn’t recommend him more.

Alexandra A  Belsize Park