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Learning Usui Reiki – A note to potential students

To study Reiki is to recognise that the energy that flows is not your own, it flows through you. Embarking on the path of learning Reiki should therefore not be undertaken lightly. If approached with right attitude and respect, Reiki can be seen as a path not only to be of assistance to others, but the begining of a journey of self discovery and personal healing through connecting with the Universal Life Force.

The foremost responsibility of a Reiki Teacher or Master is to maintain a clear channel for the transmission of this energy to the student. As there are many differing expressions of Reiki, before choosing a Reiki Master or Teacher, it is wise therefore to enquire of their lineage and understanding of Reiki before making your commitment.

Using your intuition and discernment when making your choice of Teacher or Master, will lead you to know which one is right for you.

Reiki Level 1 – (Shoden) Fee £100   (Concessions available)

This is the first level of the Usui System of Natural healing where we are introduced to the history of its rediscovery, philosophy and application. Through the four attunements or initiations given, the activation of the Reiki phenomenon is transmitted to the student.

The course has a practical “hands on” approach where we learn the Secrets of Inviting Blessings, the hand positions and how to give Reiki to ourselves, friends and family, animals and plants.

Reiki Level 2 – (Okuden) Fee £200   (Concessions available)

Through the further transmission of Reiki at Level 2 we are then introduced to the Reiki symbols themselves and their essence.

Working with the symbols, we learn how to participate in “Distant Healing” and the use of the symbols for addressing the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of imbalances.

During the course we will have the opportunity to deepen our awareness and understanding of Reiki by entering into its inner teachings. Using meditation and more advanced practical techniques, we will learn to further develop our skills working with the physical, mental, emotional and energetic planes.

Upcoming courses:

The October Reiki 1 course is now available.

Please email me at jeremy@tools-for-change.co.uk and I will let you know the details or when new ones are scheduled.