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Sending Reiki Through The Blood Stream

After  receiving a Reiki attunement / initiation we are instructed to practice Reiki on ourselves using the self healing hand positions as part of our initial 21 day clearing cycle.  Continued development and strengthening of our Reiki channel  should then become a regular part of our ongoing personal journey with Reiki. 

Another simple technique we can use to stimulate optimum health is to send Reiki through the bloodstream. After all, our own Ki naturally permeates the bloodstream, so why not enhance it with Reiki.

* Remember, where your attention goes – energy flows !Heart self healing

The method is simple and can be done standing, sitting or lying down.

First,  Do whatever you do to connect with your Reiki and “hara” centre yourself, bringing  your awareness to your Seika tanden,  (two finger widths below the navel), watching the breath as you breath effortlessly.

Place your dominant hand on the upper part of the heart, flat against the body with your other hand immediately below it with the thumb touching the fingers of your upper hand.

Focus on your heart and feel the energy build. Now, observe its flow as it begins to permeate throughout the body. Focus your attention, observing any sensations and locations as you stay in this awareness. These may provide you with insights into areas which need special attention and further work.


Heart Hand positionWorking  on others

Note the similarity of the hand positions when working on others.

Working on or off the body (as appropriate) adds the Reiki phenomenon to the recipients own Ki. In the case of the blood stream, it is carried to the organs and glands and tissue.

On an energetic level,  it enters the meridian channels 

It also stimulates the mental emotional fields, often leading to an inner realisation on the part of the recipient to the causes of imbalance.

Expressions of deep held grief, heartache, anger or emotional pain are not uncommon and can spontaneously release. 

Recipients often report them being replaced with a sense of peace, calm and  happiness.