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There are moments in all our lives when we are confronted with situations or circumstances we feel ill equipped to deal with, so we do so the best we can.

Often our understandings and strategies do not provide us with the best possible outcomes to create a healthy state of balance both mentally and physically. In fact, we may need to go deeper within ourselves to find both the causes and the solutions.

Here is where the tools of Hypnotherapy and Reiki can assist you in your journey of self discovery and healing, for I firmly believe that the key to obtaining a healthy, fulfilling life is Self Empowerment through Awareness.

Hypnotherapy can assist you in unlocking your own potential, removing the blockages that prevent you from moving forward on a mental emotional level. It can further be used to manage pain and address the physical symptoms of organic change within the body.

Reiki can assist you energetically in rebalancing the physical, bring to your awareness the mental and emotional foundations of imbalance where present, speed up the recovery process from pre existing injuries and help restore vitality.

When viewed either seperately or together, they offer support and assistance on many levels, wherever you are in your process.

It can be said that for true healing to take place, it is necessary to enquire after the cause of our condition and address that, for it is only through understanding our part in creating our circumstances, that we can create lasting change.