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Hypnotherapy » Still interested ? FAQs

What is hypnosis ?
An altered state of awareness not unlike daydreaming or meditation.

Can anyone be hypnotised ?
Yes, but only if you want to be.

What does it feel like ?
A wonderful state of deep relaxation.

Will I be awake ?
More alert than you are in everyday life.

Will I lose control ?
Definitely not – it is impossible to make anyone do something against their will or beliefs.

How do I Know ?
Just open your eyes and prove it for yourself.

What if it gets embarrassing ?
Then we use what is called “secret” therapy where you don’t have to disclose any details but still get the results.

How does it work ?
By learning to access the subconscious and working with it, we can change the way we respond to problem areas in our lives. As we do so, we come to realise that it is the subconscious that controls our behaviours and responses so, for dynamic change to occur, we need to affect change in the subconscious.A good analogy for hypnotherapy is like taking your computer to a computer engineer who analyses a software problem, makes adjustments and restores the operating system to full functionality.

How long does it take ?
That will depend on your willingness to participate. Usually between 3 – 6 sessions.

What does the therapy involve ?
Initially you learn how to achieve good quality hypnosis backed up by an audio induction for you to use between sessions.Next we introduce you to your subconscious and take you deeper into relaxation.Then we establish with the aid of the subconscious, the root of the problem and address the issue using the most appropriate methods.

Finally, having established that the work is complete with the subconscious, you are brought back to everyday awareness feeling good about yourself and feeling good within yourself.

How much does it cost ?
The Initial consultation lasts half an hour and is free. Each subsequent session lasts 45 minutes and cost £65.