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Hypnotherapy » Using Technology to help

Studying human brainwaves during both waking and sleeping hours, scientific research has created a map of the functions and frequencies of different brainwaves.

These can be broken down into the following

Beta Waves- Alert / working
Alpha Waves – Relaxed / reflecting / meditating
Theta Waves – Drowsy / inspired ideas
Delta Waves – Sleep / dreaming

The state of mind or feeling that we call Hypnosis naturally occurs in the ranges of Alpha and Theta waves

By Utilizing the frequency range of Alpha and Theta waves using a process known as brain entrainment, recent developments in audio research have enabled us to use specialised tones to assist in reaching deep states of relaxation.

Put simply, by listening to certain pre programmed frequencies, our brainwaves will begin to follow and match the same frequencies

As a cutting edge technology now widely used in America, this advance enables the hypnotherapist to not only accelerate the clients ability to obtain good quality hypnosis, but to strengthen the work between sessions thereby cutting down on the number of sessions required.

I have now incorporated this technology into my work as part of my standard treatment plan.

By tailoring the frequencies and sounds used for each client accompanied by powerful inductions and suggestions, great results can be achieved in a short space of time.

So are you ready for Change ?

Utilising Hypnosis combined with :

Dynamic Hypno Healing
Gestalt work
Creative visualisation
Inner Child work
The best NLP techniques

Advanced Hypnotherapy provides a flexible toolkit to help you get the results you require.