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Reiki » Reiki Treatment

What does a treatment consist of ?

The Treatment is carried out with the client fully clothed and lying down. Starting at the head, we first work along the front of the body and then midway, the client turns to facilitate working on the back. Using the hand positions at key points both front and back, we aim to re establish the smooth flow of Ki.

In the case of known specific imbalances such as sports injuries or pre existing medical conditions, often we move straight to the area where treatment is needed after first working on the head.

Through the application of Reiki or connecting to the “Universal Life Force”, the bodies response is to draw the necessary energy to begin the process of self correction.

In this process of self correction, we are led to the causes of imbalance whether it be on a physical, mental, emotional or energetic level. When seen from this perspective, returning to a state of balance is a journey of self discovery, allowing us the opportunity to make the necessary changes to achieve well being.

Reiki Sessions

45 minute session Cost £45

60 minute session Cost £60