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Reiki » The Teachings of Usui Reiki Ryoho

Happiness - The Teachings of Usui Reiki Ryoho

  The Secrets of Inviting Happiness – (The Spiritual Medicine for All Illnesses)

  • Kyo dake wa – Just for today, 
  • Ikuru na – Don’t  be angry,
  • Shin pai suna – Dont worry,
  • Kan sha shite – Be grateful, 
  • Gyo o hagame – Do your duties,
  • Hito ni shinsetsu ni – Be kind to others

Do Gassho and recite.

At first these appear to be a strange foundation for a healing modality until we reflect on them.

Usui taught that by embracing these five simple ideas and with daily practice, a noticable change in our well being is observed. These simple statements can be seen to play a vital and integral part in relieving the stress factors that undermine our sense of well being.

If we take a moment to reflect, we will see that all expressions of life seek to thrive. All life forms seek to express balance within the environment, so why not humans ? By seeking balance within ourselves, we may rediscover our connection with natural world around us and a deeper sense of connectedness with each other. In doing so, we too may thrive.